“I’m always posing.”

That might be the best, briefest autobiography I could ever write. Though, it is perhaps more aspirational than completely true, it speaks to a large and important aspect of me: I love the school of thought that thinks of life as performance.

Appropriately, my taste tend towards the fantastic. The gaudy. The ostentatious. The dazzling. The posers.

I’m not here for realism or traditional notions of “talent.”

“Strike a pose.”

My tastes also tend towards, almost exclusively, the feminine. And with that, we have arrived at the reason we are here, my very favorite thing, and both the name and topic of this corner of the web: Women Who Pose.


A lot of people look down on posing. We aren’t having it. There exists, in many corners of the population, a tendency to value authenticity (which might not actually exist) and talent (which more people need to accept as a contextually bound construct). These concepts are often defined as being in opposition to “mere posing.” We contend that marshaling resources and talents together with the goal of striking the best possible pose in art or life is among the greatest of talents; particularly in a context as mediatized as the one we live in today.


If movies about Women Who Lie to Themselves, or are Femme Fatales don’t appeal to you then you won’t have a good time here.

If you aren’t ok with computers singing for people who then take credit for the computers’ work then you won’t have a good time here.

If you think musical artistry is best, or worse only, demonstrated through writing your own songs or being able to play your own instruments then you won’t have a good time here.

If you aren’t riveted by watching someone build, play with, shed, destroy, and replace personae then you won’t have a good time here.

If none of those sound like you then…

Strike a pose. You're among friends.

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Last updated: 10/28/15